You are so you, am I you too?

PC: Confusion by Anyes Galleani (2018)
Self the ocean, or self the drowned?
More than chaos, less than the cause,
Caught in strolls, sought on scrolls,
Beautiful eyes, or disillusioned lies?
Prettiest thought, terrifying draught,
Unreliable of the most unreliable,
But a dopamine going undeniable,
A protecting fence form ,tall yet
A fire well urging in it to fall,
Bearing smoke to cover feelings,
Baring to uncover the same feelings,
Strangest uncertainty, or an angst dainty?
Zero decisiveness, harshest possessiveness,
A lie to lie, or to lie a lie?
Most decipherable or one undecodable?
Enfaithed on or be stabbed on?
Highs in the lows or highs without highs?
A gem of life or a trash demanding for time?
Bliss in disguise or in real ain’t a paradise?
Killing actions, lacking compassion,
What’s left is right or is it right what has left?
A sudden mood or a constant deformity?
To blame or the blamed of the uncertainty?
Arms to be in or arms to be raised against?
Confide-able or nothing more than confidential?
Satire or sarcasm?
Poem or definition?
Anticipation or repetition?
Of few or due?
Blues or muse?
These words are me or you?…
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