Why You Don’t Do What You Want To


“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” –Leonardo Da Vinci


To make the best out of your next  minutes of reading this blog, close your eyes for 10 seconds and picture how you want to be in time ahead. Of who you are today, are you ready enough to be who you want to be? If your answer is ‘NO’, ask yourself these questions: 

1. Why ’NO’?
2. What am I lacking?
3. Did I think about this before?
4. Why have I still not acted on it? 

What we do post office/ college hours is what determines our life and there is hardly any exception to it. No one wishes to make one more office PPT on deathbed, but probably one last painting, one last dance, one last note, one last kiss or one last breath in peace. Most of us are so obsessed with becoming successful that we miss living a life while making one. If I tell you it is what you do post office is what impacts the efficiency in office as well as relationships, would you still not do it? Why don’t you take up that course you always wanted to? Why not add another skill of your interest? Why did you stop painting? Why haven’t you joined a soccer club yet? When are you going to polish the incredible talents you have? And you’re not fooling anyone if you say ‘Man, I never thought of this before’, because you did. Infact, not just once, but so many times that you got accustomed to ignoring these questions that try to hygiene check your personal life. Maybe you are not wanting to change this attitude and that is your choice, but for the ones who want to, let’s list the reasons and fix them together!


When we put our excuses out in the world, there are chances of them being busted. So, to save the precious, we self-sympathize with them strongly. Otherwise who is capable enough to stop you from doing what you want, right? ‘Too much of work at office’, ‘Travelling time consumes so much of my time’, ‘I am never free to pursue my hobby, work & family you know’, ‘I am too old to do this’…. Unless you want to stay right where you are, keep feeding attention to your excuses.

2. PROCRASTINATION: ‘Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab, agar nahi bhi kiya toh kya fark padega uncle?
Every loser’s attitude, and the easiest one to catch too. Before this valuable time leaves you, make it fall in love with you. Work hard, work on that dream project now. Take up that guitar class you wanted to join. Don’t sleep through your gym membership and go for the workout today! Be aware of your mortality before you are shifted to a morgue.


I am one of the sleepiest people you will ever come across, but I choose not to feed my sleepiness. Hunger and sleep are the two things which increase only till the point you allow it to. Dump this hyped ‘must sleep for 8 hours’ theory as you don’t need so much of sleep. Yet you follow it because you love it. In that sense, they even say you should work out every day for atleast 45 minutes, but do you? Treat sleeping as charging up your body and not hibernating period. Ill sleep management leads to ⬇️


You don’t eat the right food, you do not wake up early enough, you do not workout, you do not meditate, you’re always in stress, no wonder why you feel tired all the damn time! Right there in your head you have answers to resolve this problem, so why not try and explore these answers? Human bodies are not designed for a super sedentary life, you don’t use it actively and it will deactivate you without another hint. 


I back the fact that social media make amazing platforms for exhibiting your talents and business, but at the same time, I cannot afford to overlook the side effects it squirts around. A big time hit on confidence is felt when you see so many people living a lucrative life while you are broke most of the times. Before you feel you are nothing at all, remember that people usually post the best made up part of their lives, so what you see is hardly half the truth. The problem is not with social media, the problem is that we are not able to process this humongous exposure plus the fact that we fall prey way too easily to comparison if not aping.


The most you can have control over at this stage is what happens within you. The externalities will always carry elements which will act as obstacle to you. These are the genuine shortcomings which push you to unfollow your dreams. But you need to be judicious enough to find the solutions and get right back on the track, because there are countless people who have wonderfully out shadowed their intense adversities and set an example showing that it is possible to overcome if you have that fire in your belly!

7. THE FIRST STEP IS ALWAYS DIFFICULT!:Trust the process, it will take a lot of time to get comfortable choosing what you want versus what you have been always doing. It will take  time calling for salads instead of fries, it will take a lot of persistence and control in making the life changing little decisions. Just don’t give up in that period. Your own greed will prompt you to cheat every now and then, but it will be your drive which will not let you. So, feed both of these cleverly. 
I want to remind you that you have so much in life to be grateful for, so pay it back with utmost grace. Follow your heart, fulfill your dreams, live life on your own terms. And you know what happens when we shift our obsession from ‘Success’ to ‘Self-Improvement’? Life happens. Happiness happens. Status increment happens. Peace happens and happens so many other things you’ve been waiting to happen to you. Once you are genuinely committed to uplift yourself,the mentioned uncomfortable situations will not bother you so much. Infact, you will enjoy throughout this journey. Do not dodge this process and walk through this upward spiral consistently. Chart up a plan around this; If you want me to help you make a ‘DO IT’ chart, leave a comment below with your email ID or feel free to DM here.
Lots Of Love,
Madhvi Panchal

I’m happy to bring value to you readers! You can follow my work on Instagram : @madhvi_

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