Vintage Heart 🤎

Deep diving, up streaming in the currents of fast worldly desires,

Oozing the fecundity of contemporary chaste spirit,

The masked scent of retro and rich, a shushed lilt of unusual and antique,

Hidden from every eye, deep under the sempiternal deceiving surface,

Rests a pyrrhic palpating heart, that vintage heart.


 Melting in the tumultuous fire of materialistic rage,

Freezing in the scintilla of fiery lust and deceptive love,

Time travelling to the remains of a classy demesne,

Using cloak of quirkiness like a blue evil eye charm,

Weaved with gossamer, not wanting to tear from the pull, my vintage heart.


A vintage heart knows, what’s right, isn’t usually in sight,

The urban seductions don’t gambol like a wild vintage ripple,

For today’s love trend is to give up on finding any new alterations, in a sigh,

And since such love stories lasts not long enough and cripple,

It is the vintage hearts that imbues classic stories amongst relations so fickle.


Where can thee findeth a heart of classic vibes?

Demurring of dalliance, having coffee on a timber table,

Playing records, conflating the platina of time,

Speaking selectively, for words reveal the secret lagniappe,

A vintage heart lies exactly where urban deceptions don’t comply.


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