Named moronic mind,
Stupid and kind,
Mess in me all find,
Forever in anger, teeth I grind;
Who else will ever love me blind!
I am a claimed dumb,
Heart and beats—frozen numb,
I stay under no thumb,
Forever careless, considered a scum;
Who else will patiently love me till I succumb!
Gloomy eyes, untidy hair,
Short and crazy, bewared mare,
Razor-sharp tongue, I am a pricky pear,
Forever I pour love, but left in despair;
Who else will love me regardless the fare!
Patchy skin, dark-circled eyes,
Fat thighs, brain unwise,
To every piece of care, I consider lies,
Forever in notions, myself I incise;
Who else will possibly value me like a prize!
To believe what I am called,
I look at myself in the mirror,
Laughingly I say – I am a horror,
Forever rebellious; a breath taking winker;
Queen of the dark, I be my true lover, an original holy terror!

4 thoughts on “TRUE LOVER — THE SELF”

  1. To every piece of care, I consider lies,
    Forever in notions, myself I incise…

    Babe ur poem is a fear we all carry inside us, some manage to grip it, some just simply drown in it..
    If candle ever wait for matches to light it up, it will never shine despite it has ability.. it’s very much require for ech of us to know that we hav light inside us.. light of abundance love n care, the moment we enlighten it, self-love overtakes our all fear and we shine bright like a diamond..

    Bt this heart still asks, will ever someone love the way I love evryrone came in my path.. will ever…

    Loads of love n good vibe to a beautiful soul 🖤

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