Till Blue In The Face

Painting courtesy: kmberggren
A long day it has been,
Standing tall amidst these battles green,
Another day of living in your invisible sheen.
I am on my way to where I stay,
Don’t know if it’s correct to call it fray,
Lest I am sheltered and still a stray.
The thoughts that reside me,
The solitaire that surrounds me,
Untrodden wisdom of it all enlightens me.
Looks like you are re-patterning the stars above,
Making every occurrence for me a behove,
How else could this benight to me look like a mauve?


But, without you, I am a strong fighter,
Till a dandelion hits my face and
Into a million pieces of me, I shatter again.
Which force is this that forgets all the distances?
How does it armour plate the grievances?
In fact, does the ionian you make the me ionian?
Overcoming my weaknesses,
All frights that I married in the darkness,
From you I take the force and grind as I ingress.
I wish to see you in repose,
And leave it all on me with a purpose.
We’ll have a story to say, overcoming all excursus.

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