Solitaire Is To Soar

I’ve never so far met even a single beautiful mind not coming from a background of healthy reading. – I said that

They taught us to write, they taught us (a+b)2 , we proved so many LHS=RHS, we mugged up the freedom struggle, the gram panchayat system; howcome they never thought it was important to teach us the analogy of basic human relationships and how to deal with them. It is strange we were even taught the basic biology of a cockroach’s body, the photosynthesis process but not the process of how our minds work. What were we taught? To score the best grades in school and get a high paid butt-slogging job as it is a sure shot way to a happy life? Jokes on them, even the richest of the riches commit suicides! What if we were taught the things we struggle with today? Do you think there would be less cases of depression and suicides? Would people have a right sense to not go around destroying other people?

 We are a generation said to be living most convenient, technologically advanced and a comfortable life than ever before; to which I would say, a beautiful but emotionally damned life. Human’s never before have been so socially dysfunctional in such a huge number. If humans are said to be social animals and yet isolate themselves to a point of utter loneliness like what happens nowadays, this has got to tell you something about whatever the hell is going on! How are we ending up like this? What is going wrong? Why do we feel so isolated and constantly misunderstood amidst a crowd we call friends? Let’s face it, so many of you reading this won’t even have someone to call a friend in truest of its sense. This is not an issue of triviality; this is a mass growing rapidly towards living a life left so unlived!

I feel we have enough fight in us to get done with things, we have enough courage to let our loved ones leave us, we just don’t have enough will to have a will to live our fullest. I think this results from unhealed heartbreaks, as if it’s an evidence inappropriate venting done in the past. Maybe, we mistake ‘carrying on with life’ as ‘moving on’. To move on, is to heal; Be the life as you were before but with more wisdom. If I could, I would absorb all the pain that exists in this world and let you have the happy share of living. But as much as I would want to, I can’t shield you from the pain, from the heartbreaks. Only death has the power to end all pain; I am, but a living being. But that doesn’t mean I can’t hold you in your dark times and say, ‘Live this dark phase champ, enjoy this too!’

 Give my words a chance to help you, I get you and I’ve got you. If I give you a solid cuboid, it will simply be an additional burden for you to carry. Instead, if I give you a pretty hallow container with accessible lid, you’ll be able to fill it or empty it depending on the burden you wish to carry. This is the basic difference between a mind that does and doesn’t read. Why you feel what you feel is intrinsic, inbuilt. How you deal it the way you deal is upskill-able. Let books do that you my dear! Of anything else, you must ask, why only books?

“It’s not that I don’t like people. It’s just that when I’m in the company of others – even my nearest and dearest – there always comes a moment when I’d rather be reading a book.” – Maureen Corrigan

People come and go, they love you they teach you, they break you and heal you. A book? A book stays. It will love you, teach you, have you stay awake all night for it will be breaking you and healing you all in that span, all in between the volume of that book. Book makes you live lives of thousands of characters. When you read, you will be living life of a culprit, of a victim, of a spectator; in short, you will be living a life similar to that of God. The imprints of the characters stay. And most importantly and remember worthy, all the ‘I love you’ may go someday, but ‘Once upon a time….s’ lasts forever. Reading is the fastest way to imbibe priceless values for life. When you yourself live a thousand lives in one lifetime via books, you begin to have a compassion for different perception. You understand better about human nature, you understand why someone did what they did because now you have the patience and tools to understand the things in between the lines. To understand silences.

This isn’t a shortcut, but reading can definitely change you as a person. Reading is not a habit, I feel it’s a lifestyle, it’s a personality and that shows. If you’re going through a massive heartbreak, vent it in the right mode. For instance, going to bars and drinking till you throw up won’t work out well in the long term. Shutting people out won’t be a right step as it will only make you feel isolated. Love and relationships are not something to be scared. When it walks in, you have to handle the emotions of others with care, and when it leaves, you have to handle yours with much more care. I reiterate, books aren’t the only way. But for me, it is the best habit I have indulged myself into!

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” – J.K. Rowling

Feed your brain with right kind of food. Indulge in the habit of reading as there is a world waiting for you to explore. Its when you read books by the brilliant minds you’ll feel, ‘I wish I had read this earlier’. Well, they do say that a pen is mightier than sword. The true lines of comparison in my opinion is that a pen can’t win battles and a sword can’t write poems of beauty. Mighty are both;
since their impact is irreversible. But mightier is the hand that knows when to use swords and when to use the power of words. Mightier is the hand that knows when to use a blade/ rope noose and when to use literature.

Every time I post an excerpt from a book, I get quite some response asking for the best books to reads, I’m listing my personal favorites for beginners. You can check their descriptions in the link and find the right genre for yourself. Read what you always wanted to know. Search for answers you’ve been seeking. Seduce that curious mind to stay ever curious.


8 thoughts on “Solitaire Is To Soar”

  1. So many hit lines n phrases from this blog but this one wins my heart,
    “Seduce that curious mind to stay ever curious..”

    “A beautiful mind..” would b a perfect phrase to describe efforts behind this blog.. thanks for sharing.. #goodvibes ❤️

  2. Maddy! you write so well and literally you touched my soul❤️
    I’m genuinely loving blog especially this one and this is inspiring me to read books.

    1. This means a lot to me Reenki :* Yes, do start reading books and watch your life getting so much more beautiful baby!

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