She won’t stay

And now, she  just watches actions and goes off,
Your daughter has got her heart pierced so many times
That it can’t even hold the blood it needs anymore,
With a foed family, lied friendships and shit guys around; she trusts no one now.
She took up others’ hunger and started eating herself,
Why did you let her grow up to be so selfless?
Why din’t you teach her to be as mean as your other kids?
She has gone in a lapse, she is missing a love phase.
She hurts herself to see if she still feels anything,
Yes, she does. So deep, that she cant even speak.
She can’t explain herself what has she become,
Will you help her Mamma? Give her a life once again..
Tell her not every guy will hurt her, as she’s lost faith;
Tell her there will be better friends to understand; As she doesn’t befriend anymore;
Tell her she is a befit for a family; she has just been biased all along;
Tell me will she come back? I repent I let her go, I repent…
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5 thoughts on “She won’t stay”

  1. Something missing in her life love,that's y she is like that, from love doesn't mean someone special guy means family love parents love that is y she is like that according to me…

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