Let this ink weave the spaces —
The spaces that incise our being..
Sparing this sinister grief,
The vows hijack me;
Our memories have unraveled my tears;
Like gushing boulders, they are extreme.
Hold me again; this torment has no impede;
As the emotions buckle and agonies possess me,
Blood depletes, and my own beats paralyze me.
Cursed spells laugh at my bruises, as our distance strangle me,
Too much pain to live with,
Horror ogling, with evils prying at me;
How my home made me stray,
I stray my soul; and my breath becomes air.
Ditching inhibitions, my corpse is set possessed free;
With one unwanted soul lessened, the world looks glee.
Nomad in life, not nomad in after-life —
Guided by the ink threads I wove till you, I finally find you.
Life is gone, love is back.
I see you awaiting, still counting on your vows;
You’ve tightly wrapped in your arms again, the warped me,
House is gone; my home is back.

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