Night On the mountain dent

The more we are receptive to the what nature has to say, the more we become alive and embracing to the magic out there. This poem I am sharing with you is a surrealist experience of a night spent on mountain top, being a part of the clouds and dew, post mountain climbing. I request you to not just read but experience these words πŸ˜‰

The blustery serenity fraught with rocky scent,
Hovering over my resting body on the mountain dent,
The dry grass trying to comfort me
And the unfamiliar insects trying to alarm me.

With the dusky rays kissing my cheeks softly,
Wind ruffling my strands and caressing me gently,
Just when I feel languid, hushes the withy weeds to me,
‘Don’t close your eyes, for a spectacle awaits tonight.’

As the sun surrenders its charm to the dark evenfall,
Up in the sky starts a gyrate of twinkling stars for the moon,
I gasp in the romance of the cosmos never seen before,
The moon keeps rising up amidst the stars besotted.

Like this shimmery night pilfers my tiredness from the climb,
I pilfer the regaled spirit of the cashmere mist from the night.
I’m just letting my hair loose and the quiescence intrude,
Building the ladder of blissful enthuse up till the cosmic abode.

Dazzlingly glows the ladder as they start climbing down,

The milky moon and his chasing stars enticed.
My eyes can’t bear the bright beams and my body, the mighty wind,
‘Hold my hand’, says a bright star, ‘ Swirl as we all do so.’

Encircled by the twinkling stars, I too become a part of the floating gyrate,
Revolving around the moon, they all rise above me,
Like a magic waiting to happen, I am upright unblinking,
In a BOOM explodes the troop, enveloping me in a white fluff.

Opening my eyes, I see what the silver moon left behind,
Shining a million times brighter, embraces me the golden sun.
This is the magic I was waiting to see, warmth is what I wanted to feel,
This is why I climbed the mountain, to get to something that burns me brighter.

As I begin the jumpy mountain descent,
I have more than just my hiking bag with me.
I have my own stars and my shine, a heart full of love,
And an intent full of magic left by the dazzling troop the night before…

Madhvi Panchal

To add to the love of trekking, are these lovely nature lovers having something to say about what they felt like to be on mountain top:

Vidhi Parikh : “Climbing on the mountain top is pure freedom because it teaches how to be self-responsible. A trek opens the mind in ways you cannot imagine otherwise. The taste of fresh air and free wind in mouth, you can actually hear your breathing. It makes you more alive than ever before.”

Lokesh Jain : “Whenever I go for mountain climbing or jungle treks, I hum the song, ‘Society you are crazy breed, I hope you’re not lonely without me’ from the movie ‘ Into the wild’.”

Shaili Patel : “While climbing the life ladder, it’s powerful but lonely. However, when we break the routine and decide to climb the mountain, life gets peaceful and less scary and so much serene. In today’s age when we are scared to be alone, this alone (on mountain top) is another feeling. Its a feeling of self-entitlement and rigour.”  

Kaushal Panchal : “In the noisy mountains, I just want to be the silent air.”

Nikita Kohli “With no network range in cell, Himalayan trek was the one I cherish most than my trips to other other countries. It’s a digital detox, and I’ve never felt this happy and alive by getting so close to the mountains and nature.”

Krishna Kumar : “When I started the trek, I felt irritated and tired as this process is exhausting. But as I was coming closer and closer to the top, I felt a mental peace I’ve never felt before. It was magical.” 

Amit Wali : “One thing I know, is that treks make you make choices to take turns yourself. Just like life; sometimes you just look back and say,’ What would happen if I took that other turn’.”

Nikhil Shetty : “Sore muscles, tired hips an dwindling breath, no sweeter pain exists beyond these winding tracks! And then I reach the mountain top to see a hazy crowd to welcome the rising sun besides the lazy cloud!”

Parag Mandpe : “I vividly recall the night sky full of stars and the rising sun spreading orange hue in the sky.”

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