No longer ignoring what’s inside you,

By ignoring the ruckus outside you.

At some point, let yourself unveil…

You’ve got to let it get to you.


Not because the year is racing to an end,

Not because you’ve found a comfort in your incipient,

But for the need of this hour,

You’ve got to let it get to you.


So confused are you when it comes to love

Under the pretentious cloak of not wanting it,

Just like you love the rain so much, but when it does,

You run for shelter. No, let love get to you!


The irritation of being left out,

The heart-broken state from a long relationship,

The sum of loneliness and existential crisis, it’s so raw,

The peace you will get will replace everything you’ve lost; Let it get to you.


Curb what you feel, and you will miss the whole point,

Deviate and refrain from talking about it will hide the anoint,

If it hurts, let it till you bleed! It’s only softening you enough to plant a new seed,

It will reap you gold in time to come; So let that hurt get to you.


As a citizen, as an employee,

As a nature lover and as an artist,

No longer ignore misdoings in your sight, be done with it!

The nation wants you to be woke, so let the social misdoings get to you.


For have you ever felt the same feeling twice,

It’s for sure it won’t be of the same impact again,

Let it get to you, there is something in it trying to provoke you,

Let it wake you from within, let it get to you.


And when it does, don’t suffer with it,

Walk with a new badge of a yet new upliftment,

For you will get aware of ideas and feelings simmering inside you,

Ignore them no longer, it’s a best way out.

Later on, on being asked how you came so far,

‘Oh, just one thing: I let it get to me!’


4 thoughts on “LET IT GET TO YOU”

  1. I let it get to me,
    I let it hurt to me,
    I let it teach to me,
    And I let it make peace with you for not being with me,
    I let it get to me…

    Period 🖤

    Beautifully written.. each of you art, makes me emptyfy my baggage n makes my life lighter..

    May the light be on you..

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