In Search Of You…

Together we spent a years few,
With folks and talks new;
Amongst the crowd only one stood true,
Knowing it was You,
I am in search of You.

They say I’ve forgotten You,
Li’l do they know how much I crave for You,
I have no reason to be untrue,
Come to me my love, anew,
‘Coz I’m in search of You.

Though it was me, alas, who bade You,
Only never to ever see You;
My soul has gone with You,
Everything I do reminds me of You,
So now, I am in search of You.

They ask me our love’s validity,
But it’s enough for me that we both know,
That when the world sleeps, we tacitly share memories in infinity;
The conspired force made me let go of You,
I want you, and I’m in search of You.

Its surreal that we’re there for each other,
Maybe the memories are enough to fill the vacuum that bother;
Our bond is eternal, let me not seek for the physicality of it,
When You’re right here in my heart and cognition,
I guess, I don’t need to search for You…

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12 thoughts on “In Search Of You…”

  1. Loved it.. To be honest I have used dictionary at few places ๐Ÿ˜› though was able to understand the feelings behind it.

    Try to record an audio as well since I know you got beautiful voice too.

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