How Waking Up Early Can Change Your Life

Welcome back to the 2nd blog on self-improvement series! This series when understood and applied will sure-shot change not only your lifestyle but also your perception about healthy living and mental health. This self-improvement series is not a moral-values class nor a do’s and don’ts preaching, you are already well aware yourself I believe; This series is purely a reminder of that to you. With every passing day as we are coming closer and closer to our expiry date, we can make ourselves so much better and skilled with every minute and hour, with every conversation and chaotic situation. The real growth begins when you are tired of your own shit!

First things first, let’s begin our self-improvement journey with WAKING UP EARLY!

Yes, yes, I hear you. … ‘Noway man, I’m a night owl’… ‘my bed is my heaven’….’Bohot try kiya yaar nahi hota’… ‘karna kya hai bey jaldi uthke’…

To all of it, I agree, I empathize. But I also agree that we make things easier for ourselves so that we do not have to leave our comfort zone. Now, why do we have to leave our comfort zone which is little our self-made heaven of unhealthy, unregulated, chill-pill easy going habits? BeCauSE….. it is a comfort zone made of UNHEALTHY, UNREGULATED habits! Cheap habits can only yield cheap living. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless that’s what you are absolutely fine with and fine missing out on a life-changing bomb habit, let my writing be a helping hand to you. Chill, this series is bore-proof (Subscribe to my newsletter now btw 😊)

SO, firstly, let’s tackle what ACTUALLY makes us not want to wake up early :

  1. That soothing comfort of night: After a day full of rush and commotion, a day full of working for making other’s dream come true, night is the time it feels much more relaxing, chilling in boxer and Netflix! Nothing to worry about while living those post dinner hours, right?
  1. Easy choice: It is easier to stay up late than waking up early right? Plus, where is the motivation to do early to bed, early to rise thing... (is this why most are not healthy, wealthy and wise, jk :P) Q.E.D
  1. Night Time, My Time: It is a passively owned mindset that night brings peace and morning brings list of responsibilities. This is where the trigger of ‘delay to duty’ happens. Responsibility is more of an identity association than burden in my opinion, why do we not question when we delay knowing our identity?
  1. Darkness hides the dark truth: With the dark nights allowing to finally not having to pretend being someone else, someone happier or in a deeper understanding, enacting someone who is not yourself. Pre-sleep Q&A round with the self, fiddling with confusions, honest confessions, crying yourself to sleep is for real and something that no one will want to bring in light.
  1. Because, I Can! : Late sleeping –> getting up late –> Hurrying and procrastinating –> Still getting the work done! No doubt about the combination of procrastination and efficiency we have. But it is for the work to be done, THE WORK can’t happen this way!

Face the problem and work on it, constant deviation is another word for stagnancy. Now that we saw the points backing night-owling, let’s see what happens if you start with this basic shift of habit.

  • Night-time binge eating: Our body is intricate about the processes and works as per its own clock. Staying up late will make you feel hungry and there will be post-dinner snack, which is mostly junk! This might seem non problematic as of now, but you might regret after the fats and toxic has torn down so many body functions over the years. For real, take your health seriously!

  • Fitness is sexy: Let your ‘will’ not be a deciding factor for taking efforts to maintain your body. The body you have is a wonderful art and privilege to you. It is a duty and not choice to stay fit. Waking up even 40 minutes earlier will give you time for that morning jog, meditation, yoga. Self- improvement habits have direct impact on your success rate.

  • Catch the morning vibe: Charge yourself with the morning sunshine and take dips in the positive vibes that the sun brings. Especially for Indians (vast population having Vit D deficiency), this is so beneficial. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The early morning rays are soothing, promotes you to begin your day with a healthy mindset. Yes there is peace at night too, but the peace you can experience before sunrise is manifestive on another level Now compare how you begin your day and to what extent can this help you.

  • Gut Flush/ Skin glow: The habit of waking up early gives you the time to prep your food. With the culture of bulk cooking and storing is insanely growing, it is not just unhealthy, but it is a subtle depiction of ill managed time where you actually trade the benefits of food for a few minutes. Giving the needed nutrients and hydrating yourself adequately, especially in the morning, will free you from gut issues and it’s domino effect will also include shinier skin.
  • Time to prioritize chores: Instead of running around juggling with so many tasks at a time and leaving all of them semi-done, take 5 minutes off in the morning and prioritize. The mind is much clear in early mornings than night, you will be able to take better decisions and troubleshoot issues. You’ll see for yourself how easily things can be sorted all alone.

  • Ask the ‘why’s‘ in morning instead: Let the child like curiosity in you spark in the early mornings instead of night, the quest to find an answer will take you to places, believe me! When you think of such things before sleep, firstly you sleep in a confused state of mind, your sleep is delayed. The state of mind in which you fall asleep surely determines if you will sleepy the next morning and all day!

  • Happiness level at increase: Now that you wake up early and have time to eat right and workout, you will see the mind getting uncluttered almost without much effort. The stress level drops because you have better decision-making power, and you are constantly working towards self-improvement. You will be much more confident with every passing day.
  • Time for hobbies/side business/ recreation/: When you keep excusing, it is a self-deceit. You self-sympathize with those excuses so strongly that you feel it is justifiable for not pursuing your hobbies but crib about it. Live life on your terms with chin held up and regrets held down.

  • Fostering relationships: What has fostering relations got to do with self-improvement? In my opinion, internal broken ties will always hinder the ties you want to make out in the world. When you are running late to work, you will return late, won’t have much time in hand nor a state of mind to discuss or face confessions as sensibly as you otherwise would. Get up early, prioritize, have a work life balance. Don’t use being busy as an excuse to not work on relationships.
This habit is the beginning to imbibe other habits faster. It is difficult? Yes! Is it worth compromising comfort? HELL, YES! Dreams are not to be crushed and forgotten under debris of excuses. Work on this habit steady and slow. It is not exhausting but empowering. Let the morning shine grace you with lots of love and smile 😊 See you again in the next blog of this series.


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