Forget Not Whom You Wrecked

Prudent are the ones, who keep themselves enigmatic,
For they be called weird and still give smiles of undecodable static;
No number of years be enough to know such,
Mind it, the enigmatics be like this only after they’ve had much.
What makes them feel so mismatched and detached ?
Probably we made it not worthy enough to be attached;
Maybe for them, your actions speak so loudly
That to your words they go deafened completely.
Thoughtlessly calling them miserable and dumbfuck,
Is only giving them the right to think that people suck;
You never know what mystery they hide in those empty eyes,
They could be unimaginably right, but in speaking up, they don’t feel might.
Understand the fact they are hard to be understood,
But if you really care, don’t make them feel misunderstood.
In a city occupied with broken hearts,
Is an entire universe of living sparks.
With them, instead of doing futile mocks,
Show them how worthy it is to open up the hidden blocks,
Why they be blamed for being what they are,
They chose it, because they were shed in a disrespectful flare.
No gift and compliments would, to them, flatter,
Read their mind right, they will do things to you that matter,
Maybe love is all they ever asked for,
And that is exactly they never were made to feel worthy of.
Why is it so difficult to give them all the love they gave,
Have we yet not learnt how to lighten up a dark cave?
Our own lives maybe busy and dark,
But that’s not a reason to let them be hard as a tree’s bark!
If only spreading love was as affordable as spreading judgements,
There would be less empty eyes to decipher and more enchantments.
If ever we feel someone transforming to something bare,
Cure them till they feel belonged too, with all honest care.
The fire does not feel the heat, but if tampered with,
It can consume enflame and burn you to meat.
Being capable enough, they will lead and excel in their lives without you,
But also note that for losing a rare true human, the culprit would be you.
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2 thoughts on “Forget Not Whom You Wrecked”

  1. Yet another unhealed wound, you touched..
    Yet another unspoken word, you spoke..
    Yet another unxpressed feeling, you expressed..
    Yet another miss understood thing, you understood..
    Yet another un shredded tear, you saw..
    Yet another..

    Thanks for such wonderful piece.. m touched.. 🖤

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