Fitness Explained – Do’s and Don’ts

In the first part on fitness, we talked about the basic understanding on what fitness is. This second part on fitness from our self-improvement series, I want to begin it by highlighting that we are spiritual energies in a physical form, to take care of it is just as much privilege as having it. Let’s make the best use of the information provided.

Fitness industry is currently filled with both facts and fiction, and amidst so many influencers and advices, it gets increasingly difficult to understand what is what is whose advices is more authentic. Too many cooks spoil the broth; Too much heeding to opinions spoils clarity. Notice it, your fitness structure, however good or bad it maybe, is more like patch-work blanket – some fitness advice from one influencer, some advices from another, some from the current diet trend, some from random Google searches! Does a patch-work fitness plan work? This leads us to the second part of habit of exercising and fitness, the do’s and don’ts, in collaboration with Siddhant Vaity, K11 & EFKA certified trainer. 

Siddhant is a super talented Fitness Trainer who started his journey 11 years ago, with a major shift from being an obese to fit, from addictions to a clean living. Just before his launch in the fitness industry he met unfortunate incidents that left him with major injuries, also diagnosed with Asthama at the same time ; Gripping tightly to the fact that fitness is infact everything and to spread awareness of the same, the injuries and chronic condition couldn’t stop him coming out like a champion to change lives of so many that he has trained and is still training.

  1. Body – If I have to explain this shortly, it’ll be via these three words – Gut health, agility & conscious respiration.

Talking about gut health, you are a reflection of what you eat. Your skin hydration level, how fast you age, hormonal balance, hairfall rate, etc. are all majorly depended on what you eat and how your gut behaves. Apart from cosmetic benefits, it is also about how food actually contributes to how you think and feel, it has a big role in exactly how your personality is, how your mood stays and to an extent how it affects what you speak. The non-cosmetic reflection of what you eat is very less spoken of, but there is a lot of content backed by research of what food and gut health can do to your mindset and emotions.

While the whole idea of fitness has been promoted majorly as purely weight loss and muscle building, it is agility and flexibility that matters a lot too. The strength to move a certain way without taking years to do it. To have strength to endure, the art of being agile. Having a well-built body is one thing, and being able to do simple things like sitting cross-legged on the floor without support and getting up without support are different things that show the fitness on basic level. A body that doesn’t stretches is a body that tires and breaks down very easily. Go flexi!

Our body is so intelligent and complex in its own way, but it gives signals very clearly as to what it needs. All it needs is us to pay attention to the slightest of signals and be aware of how we breathe. Just these 2 things and so much has been taken care of. Breathe deep and slow, with exhalation being longer than inhalation. You can practice the method of deep breathing in – pause – slowly breathing out – repeat. Try it and notice the change in the rhythm of your heart beat! A conscious respiration is where you can begin right now.

  1. Mind / Emotions: Fitness, along with a fit body, is also about how you think and feel. When you are keeping your mind free of mess and emotionally secured, you will gain much more benefit from exercise. Fitness is a conduct of thought, emotion and maintenance.

  1. Rest: The best part – Savasan 😛 Adequate rest is a must for the body for it is in the night that major recovery process is done by it. Adequate sleeping doesn’t mean to oversleep. Oversleeping will ruin and take away so many moments of your life unnecessarily. Observe how much rest your body is asking for and conduct. It will never ask for more sleep than 6 hours ideally, but a tired mind will. So, work up your body, mind and emotions towards positivity and rest for manifesting it.

Siddhant Vaity emphasizes on two things: “ No matter what, take out some time for exercise and exercising should be considered as a ritual to stay alive; 2. In the process of fitness, biggest crime people do is compare themselves with others. Every body type is different that is asking for different things. What some will take 2 months to achieve, you might take 1 month or 4 months as well”. In his sessions, he doesn’t let his students use weighing scale! He preaches to stop obsessing about weight and instead start obsessing about a healthy living.

About Self-Improvement series:
This series when understood and applied will sure-shot change not only your lifestyle but also your perception about healthy living and mental health. This self-improvement series is not a moral-values class nor a do’s and don’ts preaching, you are already well aware yourself I believe; This series is purely a reminder of that to you. With every passing day as we are coming closer and closer to our expiry date, we can make ourselves so much better and skilled with every minute and hour, with every conversation and chaotic situation. The real growth begins when you are tired of your own excuses!

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