First Casual Note!

             I am in an anxiety while penning this article as I’ve always chosen undecipherable poems to express the inexpressible. At times in life, aren’t we just better at doing tougher things than the simple ones? Just like it’s easier to pretend like a pro over expressing; jokingly abusing the one you in fact want to say how much you adore that person… What if we spoke our minds openly and fearlessly? What if we could just confess emotional things as easily as we confess that we are sleepy and hungry all time? Maybe the world would be a better place to live where we would all know what we had for each other in our hearts. Or, maybe not.

        Having crossed more new readers count on Grockleddopes than I had anticipated especially in this short time, I decided to post a casual, ‘dictionary-need-free’ post (as being mocked by some of you), revealing some information about myself. Known to many, loved by some and disliked by most is where I come from. To begin with, I have two best blessings, my paw kids – Raaya and Annabelle; All the love I give to the world is here from where it comes. We share some major common traits – we smell food from distance, we can attack anyone who tries to eat our food, we are sleepy the whole day and can sleep for 10+ hours straight, we dislike people coming over, we bark to shoo them away, we like cuddles and treats, we do most of the things only to get in trouble, we cry when alone, we like to bite, but we love whole-heartedly to the ones who know how to love us.

             The things that couldn’t kill me only made more and more weird as I kept swaying through the teenage years. I felt less relatable to people in real life and definitely unrelatable to those in reel life. Making it obvious, I am not a movie person, except horror. This is one of the reason why all movie dates were turned down and unfortunately no one asks for a horror movie for first date; thanks to this I’ll be celebrating my silver jubilee valentineless Valentines 😛 Jokes apart, most of the things I do and say have been shaped by the books I’ve read since more than a decade. For some reason, I have always been so close to the characters in the books than those I saw around me. It’s like the pages said so much more than what was printed in the form of sentences. Understanding the unsaid is what pulls me to read more. Be it book, or the people.
             Via this platform, a few of my friends were inspired to get into the habit of reading and I am more than happy to invite many more in the reader’s club! It is genuinely overwhelming to see my work doing more in the world than just creating wealth. For now, this is the most casual I can get at a go and this is where I will end this post with a BIG Thank You note, for all those who push me to write often and flood my inbox with appreciation every time I do so. Lots of love and well being to you, don’t stop showing all this love and READ OFTEN 😊
I’m happy to bring value to you readers! You can follow my work on Instagram : @madhvi_

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