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Easy guide to fitness – The 3 ‘W’s of healthy living you need to know!

The meaning of fitness, is an objective one – to be able to conduct tasks with full support of tangible and intangible system. Yet, it is understood on a very subjective level, and in most cases, a superficial level. For some, it is about counting what you eat, for some it is to be able to fit in certain sized clothes, for some it is the abs, for some, it is to be able to eat junk without falling sick.

Regardless of what you know, understand and think about fitness, here’s a quick guide to a basic approach to fitness that you must know and share it to your loved ones. It is understandable that with so busy life it gets difficult to exercise and eat right every time, but know this, the time you allocate for your fitness today will be more or less the time deducted from your illness/ ‘hospital time’. I always say this, is no such thing as busy, there is however a thing called excuse of being busy. We have such beautiful functioning body, that doesn’t deserve ignorance and no-maintenance. If this goes on for long, don’t you think the body will give up and you’ll have to keep dragging it? So even if it is the most basic programme, undertake it for it is still better than doing nothing for fitness.

It can be begun with asking yourself these three W’s of fitness:

  1. What is my current fitness level, set your own test first:
  • How soon do I go out of breath while running?
  • Which parts of my body ache repeatedly?
  • What is my muscular endurance (how much weight I can lift constantly- in minutes)?
  • What is my resting pattern/ what is the sleep quality?
  • What do I feed myself mentally and physically?
  • Do I wake up fresh? Ever?
  1. Why do I need to think of fitness when I can function smoothly?
  • Keeping the heredity factor as a variable contribution, your body today is the way it is because of the eating habits you’ve had, the physical tasks you took. If you notice, the older people still are so active and have good immunity and we younger ones have backache and headache and tiredness all the time. Identify why so?
  • I like to quote it as, ‘Body depreciates if not appreciated.’ It is a miraculous system, but not necessarily so merciful if ignored. The more you put body into use for fitness, the better it works. Most of us do not have the same flexibility as we did earlier, but the people who, for eg , practise yoga have flexibility like little children!
  • The benefits of exercising goes beyond physical. To point out a few:
    • It is a mood booster
    • Makes your mind a happier place, and thereby makes it stronger to face difficulties and increases acceptance of facing rejections; thereby less mental sufferings!
    • Increases focus and concentration.
    • Makes you aware of your body – what you feed it, how much you rest, how you maintain your postures, etc
    • It shifts the obsession of sheer ‘weight-loss’ to an instead agile, flexible body
    • Increases attractiveness and hence, confidence as well.
    • Exercising regularly slows the ageing process, you’ll look much younger than your age.
    • You’ll have a very controlled pleasure seeking discourses. Addictions like drinking, smoking, drugs, go down because happy hormones are released when you work-out. If you work your ass off for an expensive car, you will ensure no scratches take place. But if you have an inherited ‘khatara’ which breaks down at every signal, you’ll kick it and abuse it.

  1. Which modes are apt for me?
  • There are more and more workout options popping every now and then in the fitness. In my opinion, your perfect exercise option can be if it can give a positive answers to all of these:
    • Does this workout form interest me?
    • Does it require extreme changes in my current diet?
    • Does it need training, if yes, then are the timings, location and budget apt for me?

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Though it is said quite often, no gains without pains, do not welcome unnecessary trouble and pain for yourself. Pain isn’t the only measure of gain 😊 If the workout location is too far, in your already occupied schedule, you will find an additional excuse to miss the workout session. Fitness factors like healthy food, organic alternatives and coaching may seem expensive in the beginning, but look at the long term benefits. What you spend on poisonous junk food and impulsive shopping can rather be spent for the only thing that is going to be with you till the last breath. So love it, maintain it. It’s not that difficult bro!

An extension of this topic is going to be released with a super talented fitness trainer whose journey to fitness has been inspirational to many. We’ll be talking about diet, exercise and mentality that we have around it. This trainer is going to bust quite a lot of myths; so let me know in the comment section if you would like to ask anything in specific to the trainer! 😉

About Self-Improvement series:
This series when understood and applied will sure-shot change not only your lifestyle but also your perception about healthy living and mental health. This self-improvement series is not a moral-values class nor a do’s and don’ts preaching, you are already well aware yourself I believe; This series is purely a reminder of that to you. With every passing day as we are coming closer and closer to our expiry date, we can make ourselves so much better and skilled with every minute and hour, with every conversation and chaotic situation. The real growth begins when you are tired of your own excuses!

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