The higher meaning you seek for, the loner becomes where you stand. Inspired by this notion is this conversation between the dark rainy cloud and a silently admiring human.
A beautiful dark fluff rising up the sky,
You look heavy, so despondent and pent-up,
O cloud, you look as if you have secretly wailed,
What is it about you that I empathize?
You soothe the burnt earth,
You are adored, you are a relief,
Why do you hide from this belief?
The firmament is my home, that’s where I shall rise,
The inhabited glorifies the sun-moon-stars and wind,
But for them, I am not beautiful; just dark and denied,
O human, I am remembered only when the earth needs healing,
They leave me alone when I wail but adore me so that I satisfy them,
Their wants define my importance and their wants change,
Am I only to serve? I admit why you empathize…
O cloud, no sun and wind can defy your prowess,
For beautiful things are too beautiful to be recognized –
In the crowd of blinds, they are the firsts to be denied,
You are wounded, left alone and still choose to heal,
What other form of love can be so pure and real?
Validity ends when you let them define your importance,
Serve selflessly, and, understand the purpose; wait not for returns.
The purpose – the purpose to heal the ones who are in fact destroying each other?
To give the belittled minds a sense of cheer?
Am I not supposed to hate them for what they have done ?
My heart is heavy seeing the betrayals, my mind full of their mean deeds,
I too want someone to stand by me; I want to be loved not simply adored,
Tell me Human, if I am meant to perish in a stench of matchlessness.
You are lonely O cloud, but you are way above the earth,
You want love and you want someone to stand by you? Be the one;
Perhaps, love yourself so fiercely, so they know how exactly to love,
You will not perish, you will burn brighter in solitaire,
Forgive the heartless creatures, for they are themselves in benight ,
Gather your shattered pieces and let your pain come with a downpour,
Worry not my mighty cloud, when no one will know your agony,
For its the nature’s rule, that your cry out of pain will make them cry out of joy.
Lots Of Love – Madhvi Panchal

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