Crucify Curses

The simplest of things we need and admire, are usually the toughest to get;
No? Then just think of a bobby pin for an urgent hair do!
Moreover, life is loving me just so much these days,
So much so, that when all I wish for is spending silent times near a sea,
It gifts me with extreme silent treatments from people instead! (All of them I now want to drown in that same sea)
And trust me, either is better.
Wait, let me be honest, for me, latter is better.
Life makes me be with people, and not vice versa.
It tells me its not these false people I need,
It’s the level of detachment for them I need .
Love, live, laugh – knowing its all momentary.
That’s all I do these days; no talking, no advising no confiding.
I do it; and be called names. Be hurt for being myself.
I guess I haven’t been gifted with such morons just like that.
After a very loving phase, why would my life do this to me?
What kind of people am I surrounded with? Thankfully not all, though.
Maybe to teach that not all are going to understand me; not all are here to do good to me.
And I am typically not sowing seeds of hatredness for accepting it.
Have witnessed; What goes around, comes around.
Just look around, look at all of us being on the world’s greatest trials.
We all judge, we are all judged.
Its just the punishments that come unexpectedly are fun to watch.
I am not a sadist; I just get amused a little faster by these trials.
Living in our own neuroimaginal worlds,
Playing our sets of righteousness; we usually DO hinder THE righteousness.
Being laughed at being what I am to being respected for what I am, seen it all.
Punies exist –> love them;
Prudents exist –> love and keep them
That’s the only biasness I choose to do; not explicit enough?
Wait! There are people wanting to say something on this too, let me check —
Well, a few are calling me to stop acting like a mature, coz’ I am not.
Few are calling me badai; But yes, there are counts who are patting my back too.
Pats or slangs, mean nothing much to me. Strong mindedness does.
So, let me put my message in the best possible way I can;


Get yourself called names, it brings surprises to you.
You get to see the surprisingly positive attitude you thought you never had.
Don’t go cold over things, cowards choose that easy way out;
Instead, just know where to feel and share your warmth.
I am practicing it; and I have come to feel –
That I have feelings, but I am not the feeling,
I have haters, but I am not hatred;
I don’t have love, but I am not unworthy of it.
We are more than what we are being thought of;
Exorcist it with all the pain it is causing to you;
And get up to abuse and exploit it;
Soon breaking limits, you will be running free.
And that’s what you are! More than something to be dare confined…


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