24th July 2019, a heavy rainy day in Mumbai is when a yet another angel gets a taste of foul human nature of depreciating everything in sight. Merely seeking shelter from the heavy rain, a stray dog (now named Lucky) entered a residential compound only to get ruthlessly thrashed by the watchmen. As this incident …


This image is a depiction of awakening the mind in such a way that our instinctive feelings becomes our identitity. Intuition outbeats intelligence.

You know without knowing it: INTUITION

How many times has it happened that you think of someone and out of the blue that very person calls you up or leaves a text leaving you in a merry surprise? Consider this, while conversating with your loved one, at times you already get the hint of what the corresponding person is going to …

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So, real starts with yourself?

Is it your situation disguised as mine in this blog? Maybe.   Where were you a year ago? To look back to yourself a year ago and do a quick Profit & Loss check is not really weird and I hope it’s not uncommon too. To compare how far you’ve come, what you gained, what you …

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