बात वैसे कुछ और करनी थी आज; दिल कही और चला गया और कविता का सर भी बदल गया। अब ज़िक्र कर ही लिया है, तो आज किसीकी तार्रुफ़ आपसे क्यों न कर दू! जिनकी बात हो रही है, वह शख्स को न गुस्से में भी काम प्यार किया जा सकता है, नो उनकी बेवफा …

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Why You Don’t Do What You Want To

  “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” –Leonardo Da Vinci   To make the best out of your next  minutes of reading this blog, close your eyes for 10 seconds and picture how you want to be …

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Night On the mountain dent

The more we are receptive to the what nature has to say, the more we become alive and embracing to the magic out there. This poem I am sharing with you is a surrealist experience of a night spent on mountain top, being a part of the clouds and dew, post mountain climbing. I request …

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Path to Adiyogi

                           It is strange that when we get the best of things we never ask, ‘Why me?’ On this day of Mahashivratri, Mahadev became absolute still after decades of meditation. By Absolute stillness, it means that all movement in Him became still. Hence, tonight …

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Taken during my trek in Purushwadi, Maharashtra, 2017 Bowing to the massive stench,Of the high untrodden vacuum,No sound, no air; Mega combustion leaving lavish glow. Bowing to the dark twilight infinity,the combined reign of stars and planets,Ruling our very earthy essence. Bowing to the celestial cerebral,The intense starry explosion,Fluoresce with nebular charm. Bowing to the …

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Till Blue In The Face

Painting courtesy: kmberggren    A long day it has been,Standing tall amidst these battles green,Another day of living in your invisible sheen. I am on my way to where I stay,Don’t know if it’s correct to call it fray,Lest I am sheltered and still a stray. The thoughts that reside me,The solitaire that surrounds me,Untrodden wisdom of it …

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Aren’t you doing well anyway?

You can spend the whole life worrying, grumbling, brooding over things and being miserable, or the same can be used to uplift you to the heights unimaginable – Sri Sri Hustling over timelines of submissions, wondering why are you even working in a way you have barely any interest in. To take a break for …

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Crucify Curses

The simplest of things we need and admire, are usually the toughest to get;No? Then just think of a bobby pin for an urgent hair do!Moreover, life is loving me just so much these days,So much so, that when all I wish for is spending silent times near a sea,It gifts me with extreme silent …

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The higher meaning you seek for, the loner becomes where you stand. Inspired by this notion is this conversation between the dark rainy cloud and a silently admiring human.  Human:A beautiful dark fluff rising up the sky,You look heavy, so despondent and pent-up,O cloud, you look as if you have secretly wailed,What is it about you …


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