बात वैसे कुछ और करनी थी आज; दिल कही और चला गया और कविता का सर भी बदल गया। अब ज़िक्र कर ही लिया है, तो आज किसीकी तार्रुफ़ आपसे क्यों न कर दू! जिनकी बात हो रही है, वह शख्स को न गुस्से में भी काम प्यार किया जा सकता है, नो उनकी बेवफा …

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On a green land, are there endless trees,Mist on the leaves, fog everywhere and bees,Drizzling of dew, waterfall bashing the boulders nearby for a mile,Chasing butterflies, a barefoot, misfit girl hops and dances with a crooked smile. Passionate warmth like the sun in her tight embraces,Soothes like melting moon in her lap, when she pats …

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In Love Until..

Why the sky looked same all these years till yesterday and now it suddenly looks much bluer? The flowers are so attractive suddenly, why? Why did zits never bother you just so much before? Started splurging more on perfumes and lipsticks? How funny it is that you meet someone and suddenly there are changes in …

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Till Blue In The Face

Painting courtesy: kmberggren    A long day it has been,Standing tall amidst these battles green,Another day of living in your invisible sheen. I am on my way to where I stay,Don’t know if it’s correct to call it fray,Lest I am sheltered and still a stray. The thoughts that reside me,The solitaire that surrounds me,Untrodden wisdom of it …

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You are so you, am I you too?

PC: Confusion by Anyes Galleani (2018) Self the ocean, or self the drowned? More than chaos, less than the cause, Caught in strolls, sought on scrolls, Beautiful eyes, or disillusioned lies? Prettiest thought, terrifying draught, Unreliable of the most unreliable, But a dopamine going undeniable, A protecting fence form ,tall yet A fire well urging …

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We’ll all be taken for it ( Don’t turn blind to the suicidal)

Fervid sight cut the canthus of her compassion,Endless sabering charm, holding scimitar in the form of tongue, CUT – CUT – CUT These dawdle chords she wanted to cut,Yelling alone, sobbing alone, loving alone, she wanted to be forgone, YAUP – YAUP – YAUP Did anyone probe to stop?Texts would not console her, pretermitting meet, not even one made …

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The higher meaning you seek for, the loner becomes where you stand. Inspired by this notion is this conversation between the dark rainy cloud and a silently admiring human.  Human:A beautiful dark fluff rising up the sky,You look heavy, so despondent and pent-up,O cloud, you look as if you have secretly wailed,What is it about you …


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