On a green land, are there endless trees,
Mist on the leaves, fog everywhere and bees,
Drizzling of dew, waterfall bashing the boulders nearby for a mile,
Chasing butterflies, a barefoot, misfit girl hops and dances with a crooked smile.

Passionate warmth like the sun in her tight embraces,
Soothes like melting moon in her lap, when she pats your head,
Trying to hold up the pressure of an emotional effusion,
With speed of the shooting stars, a million thoughts whirlpool in her.

Sick of being misunderstood, yet gives no privilege by elucidation,
Hair loose, misshapen ring, she knows no beauty, for it’s just another duty.
Why bother with words, she always says, silence must stay;
Silences say not that what is to be told, but that what needs to be known.

Yelping in corner of a dark room in the night dunes,
Silent like a falling feather, can no one tell, she withers in the lonely fumes;
Looking at her sparkling eyes, can anyone tell how much they lie?
The crickets call her outside, she is always thirsty for new tricks of the night.

Lying on the cold grass, she flirts with sky that is numbing all her wounds,
The clouds hide her moon, asking her to step out from her cocoon and
Claim her celestial slice, like she claims every flower and sprays her own mist in it;
Sky asks, will she still chase butterflies on realizing she is a rainbow herself ?

Broken and bearing love, knows no bounds,
Knows not herself as yet, but knows where to start.
Who else is more determined than a nurturer to find her lost stray?
Let the hell loose break on her, but to spread light,
She will still rise and burn ablaze, all of it, AND with that crooked smile.

Lots Of Love,
Madhvi Panchal


1 thought on “BEING ME”

  1. She asks, will she still chase butterflies on realizing she is a rainbow herself ?
    Will she look for moon realizing she is moon herself?
    A moon who has it own light, brighter than sun but she is humble enough to let it dim for ppl around her..
    That’s her..

    – Loads of love πŸ–€

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