Baptism – His disguise

O Shiva,
The dove you sent has reached me,
In a form so white, so pure, its smile – my shrine,
Your power has no end my Mahadev,
You gave me a dove to defy my knave.
It is guiding me to the lands,
Where everything that led to nothing ends…
Is this your disguise my Shiva?
How can this dove else possibly be so divine?
With every breath this dove is nearing me,
Freaking away all the fears in me,
I now have no fear following where it will take me,
For I am finally not walking the dark caves alone,
This dove of yours has got my soul baptized;
I will keep it along, I will love it lifelong,
And even if it flies away, I will know,
It will only come to you and with no one else go,
Every single prayer of me is its song,
I keep singing for it over and over,
When it comes to you, after my life is over,
Don’t let it sleep without making it listen to this song all night long.
I pray you grant every loner a dove like mine,
In marvel will the world dance; in love will the world live.
Does your love have any conditions afterall, Mahayogi?
I have accepted the dove you have vouchsafed to me,
I will now nurture it enough to vouchsafe love back to thee,
You are transcendental, love is your recognition.
If even one is able to make out from this abstruse,
Will know, my dove is not just a revealed recondite.
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