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How To Increase Productivity While Working From Home

Yes, it’s a mutual feeling — WFH gets frustrating and after a while. The productivity falls down, it’s 10x lazier environment and most employees hardly feel motivated to get up and work. Amidst a partial lockdown, maintaining a social isolation, it’s just getting so boring to stay at home all day. But didn’t we wish …

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Fitness Explained – Do’s and Don’ts

In the first part on fitness, we talked about the basic understanding on what fitness is. This second part on fitness from our self-improvement series, I want to begin it by highlighting that we are spiritual energies in a physical form, to take care of it is just as much privilege as having it. Let’s …

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Who Determines Your Life & How?

‘You can make a mountain out of a mole hill, or consider the mountain as a molehill; Whatever makes your job easier!’ – Madhvi Panchal said that.   It is a boon, that the power to consider and make sense out of any given situation in our lives and make choices lies with no one …

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This image shows the freedom of healthy living and what fitness can bring to your life.

Easy guide to fitness – The 3 ‘W’s of healthy living you need to know!

t is understandable that with so busy life it gets difficult to exercise and eat right every time, but know this, the time you allocate for your fitness today will be more or less the time deducted from your illness time. If there is one way to give your body what it deserves, it would be by working on your FITNESS. Here’s a quick guide to fitness, the what’s you need to know. Not just that, this blog has an extension to it, in collab with a super talented fitness trainer. Make the best out if it 🙂

How to get into the habit of reading – Self-Improvement Series

Pre-Read Introduction: Click Here. Having talked about the habit of waking up early, we now come to the second life-changing habit in our self-improvement series: READING. What is the first thought in your mind when you are asked to read books? Is it something in the lines of — ‘Not my cup of tea’ , …

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10 Simple Life Changing Habits To Begin With

#Self-improvement Series 1- Introduction 2019, so much has happened in this year! A turnaround for so many of us in so many ways. What next, the unfinished wishes and resolutions of the previous years will be cumulatively be dumped on the coming year, endless cycle! Why is the new year so much important and looked …

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A Quick Guide For A Good Mental Health

Cases of people smiling and posing for pictures just a few hours ago before committing suicide are no longer what can be categorized as rare incidents of the human history. And that is what makes this topic so sensitive and rightly important to be talked about and made aware of. The level to which mental …

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बात वैसे कुछ और करनी थी आज; दिल कही और चला गया और कविता का सर भी बदल गया। अब ज़िक्र कर ही लिया है, तो आज किसीकी तार्रुफ़ आपसे क्यों न कर दू! जिनकी बात हो रही है, वह शख्स को न गुस्से में भी काम प्यार किया जा सकता है, नो उनकी बेवफा …

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On a green land, are there endless trees,Mist on the leaves, fog everywhere and bees,Drizzling of dew, waterfall bashing the boulders nearby for a mile,Chasing butterflies, a barefoot, misfit girl hops and dances with a crooked smile. Passionate warmth like the sun in her tight embraces,Soothes like melting moon in her lap, when she pats …

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24th July 2019, a heavy rainy day in Mumbai is when a yet another angel gets a taste of foul human nature of depreciating everything in sight. Merely seeking shelter from the heavy rain, a stray dog (now named Lucky) entered a residential compound only to get ruthlessly thrashed by the watchmen. As this incident …


This image is a depiction of awakening the mind in such a way that our instinctive feelings becomes our identitity. Intuition outbeats intelligence.

You know without knowing it: INTUITION

How many times has it happened that you think of someone and out of the blue that very person calls you up or leaves a text leaving you in a merry surprise? Consider this, while conversating with your loved one, at times you already get the hint of what the corresponding person is going to …

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