Aren’t you doing well anyway?

You can spend the whole life worrying, grumbling, brooding over things and being miserable, or the same can be used to uplift you to the heights unimaginable – Sri Sri

Hustling over timelines of submissions, wondering why are you even working in a way you have barely any interest in. To take a break for a while, you log into Facebook, only to see your friends getting married or being convocated or travelling abroad, or the cheesy public display of affection by couples, all of which makes you feel worse as you’re still single, stuck here not knowing what to do in life, and having nothing to do anything cheesy. So fish it, you switch to Instagram. Even better, you keep liking the posts of your friend’s travel stories, you see the toned bodied models nothing like what you see in the mirror, you see the richness and affluence that fills the pages of people of your age when you’re actually dealing with yourself who is just the opposite of what you see of other most followed people on insta! And start dwelling for not being successful by now, for not having the kind of success so many young people across the globe have achieved?

No matter how much we deny this, but subconsciously, we do end up comparing ourselves with the people we see on the mega social platforms. Let the bitter truth walk in, we are just trying our best to be conventional, to the live up to the standards we see others are setting in. We actually shed our real self off for doing better than the best.We end up having a hit on self-confidence and feel vulnerable and think how underachieved we are at this age and begin to beat ourselves for pushing ourselves. And ironically, we do this under the name of being ‘Influenced’ or ‘Motivated’.
Why are we constantly looking for the meaning or purpose of life when we are actually supposed to make one! The only natural purpose of life is to live. Not bog and brood. Why the hell is that need to beat yourself up in the first place when all you need is some clarity, peace, love. You might get successful, have loads of money and fake networks all over; but you’ll be exhausted by the constant self-beating. Tell me won’t you crave for some reality to walk in amidst the spreadsheets and PPTs which will give you a sense of setting yourself free?

There is absolutely no need to think big or think out of the box, there’s just a need to think. Sit and ask yourself, why do you hate Mondays so much when you are doing something that you yourself have taken up? Why do you live only on weekends? Why do you hate being single? This is the same thing we used to do in our childhood, wanting so badly to be an adult. And once you are an adult, you so badly want to be a child again. Same thing applied, you’re single, why do you rush to get into something which will eventually come in the right time. Live these days like reckless rabbits and hop here and there being as unconventional as you can. Work hard for what you want, not simply for what you’re expected of. Our life is waiting for us to take the right step right now. It only wants us to live.

Do what matters in real. Have a balance. Real versus material. Tell me, how is your career going to matter on your deathbed when you had let the love of your life go away exactly to make that career up? It is not a secret, power, money or position can’t give you that feeling of relief of taking the last breath in the arms of someone you love, yet that’s exactly what we still run after! How is not going to trips for studying way too much, dreading over scores make you a better person of wisdom? How is taking risks and breaking conventions not going to make you explore yourself? Chaotic? Be someone who can’t be described in a damn resume. It all comes down to the choices; we all want the same thing at the end of the day. We simply choose different means. So can our choice be redirected to where we do not hurt ourselves and others? 

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