And yet we..

This love of yours.
Too guileless. Too heavy.
To whom shall I complaint about this malady?
Even my heart warns me against you. And yet I….
Tell me, are you ace enough to prove this warning false?
This possessiveness of yours.
Too strict. Too beloved.
How do I tell you that only you can claim this right?
You show you’re too busy to talk; you know I won’t wait so long. And yet I…
Tell me, are you going to let all this go so easily?
The love you portray.
Too unreliable; too fragile.
Won’t you be gone with any better option you get?
You leave me crippling in this insecurity. And yet I…
Tell me, are you too blind to see that you are slowly killing me?
First thought. Last dream.
Or my first mistake; or last effort.
I wish to tell you I don’t trust you. But damn, this love…
Is there a way to jump out of this fire ?
Tell me, would you save me or just burn me to ashes?
You .
Don’t leave this feeling half forbidden.
Tell your eyes not to tell me your secrets,
For you may never do justice to them.
Despite knowing it all… we yet…
That’s the only ruin, that we yet..we yet.

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1 thought on “And yet we..”

  1. this post reminded me of the song unfaithful by rihaana…nicely written…Dear love is not so bad…every coin has 2 sides…Take love with open heart and accept and give love to genuine person…

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